Code Enforcement


The Bureau of Codes is located on the 2nd floor of City Hall. Working throughout the city, the staff has an integral role in keeping the city clean and safe. Responsibilities include the review of applications and subsequent inspections for alterations, additions, demolition, and new construction. Additionally, the Code Enforcement team takes a proactive approach to enforcement of the city's property maintenance code and works to resolve violations through education. Further, the team includes Rental and Housing Inspectors, who work to ensure that the places we call home are safe from hazards.

In conjunction with proactive work, the Code Office receives complaints and inquiries about issues affecting the residents, such as quality of life issues and property upkeep, abandoned vehicles, building conditions, and tenant complaints. Working in the community, the team has had success in improving neighborhoods.

Please contact our team with any questions, concerns, or requests; all of our clerks are eager to help resolve your needs.