Outdoor Dining Program 2023

2023 "Easton Alfresco" Locations

  • 3rd and Ferry Fish Market - 56 S Third Street
  • Colonial Pizza and Spaghetti House -  136 Spring Garden Street
  • Easton Public Market - 325 Northampton Street
  • Kabinett Wine Bar - 125 Northampton StreetEaston Alfresco
  • Lehigh Valley BBQ - 154 Northampton Street
  • Mesa Modern Mexican - 42 S 3rd Street
  • Porters' Pub - 700 Northampton Street
  • River Grille - 243 Northampton Street
  • Sette Luna - 219 Ferry Street
  • Tandoor Grill - 9 N 3rd Street
  • Two Rivers Brewing Company - 542 Northampton Street

Outdoor Dining Program Guidelines

Any questions regarding "Easton Alfresco" can be sent to John Kingsley or Sean Ziller.


  • To assist our restaurants throughout the City by increasing capacity and strengthening the opportunity for business retention and growth following the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To emphasize the vibrancy and distinctiveness of Easton's restaurant industry.
  • To promote outdoor dining and, thereby, nourish the community and greater sociability.

Program Information

The City will permit access to public, on-street parking spaces for the purpose of allowing permitted restaurants to use said area for extended, outdoor seating. Applicants will be limited to the parking space(s) that are directly in front of, or adjacent to, their physical location - subject to availability and approval by the City.

Operations will be allowed in the permitted areas Monday through Sunday, from 7 am to 11 pm. The City will provide concrete barriers to delineate the permitted space and to offer protection from vehicle traffic. Authorized restaurants will need to provide any other equipment or furnishings necessary to operate their businesses outdoors (tables, chairs, etc.).

Permits to participate in the program are available via the application and accessible through the City's OpenGov platform.

The "Easton Alfresco" program began on May 6, 2023 and will conclude on October 29, 2023.

Program Area

The permitted area where defined spaces will be made available will include on-street, metered parking throughout the City. Allocated spaces will be immediately adjacent or proximate to the authorized business, where available.

Please note:

  • Surface parking lot spaces will not be available for this program.
  • No parking spaces within the four plazas of Downtown's Centre Square will be eligible for the program.
  • Other areas may be excluded, as necessary.


An applicant may apply for the use of up to two parking spaces for outdoor dining purposes. Additional spaces may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2023 Outdoor Dining Program APPLICATION (OpenGov)

Outdoor Dining Application TUTORIAL (via OpenGov)

If you are intending to additionally utilize the sidewalk space in front of your business, please fill out and submit the "Outdoor Cafe Application". Send application via email to Julie Klabunde.