2023 Leaf Collection Program

Easton Public Works is preparing for the upcoming 2023 leaf season and would like to make our program as effective and efficient as possible. We ask that you consider using each of the options listed below to help better accommodate your removal needs.  Information can also be obtained from our website at www.easton-pa.com or by calling our Public Works Department directly at (610) 250-6680. 

Leaves may be dropped off at our 500 Bushkill Drive Recycling Center.  Hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

The City will provide leaf pick-up at your home by appointment provided that they are collected in any clear plastic bags.  Residents may call 610-250-6680 or email publicworks@easton-pa.gov and leave an address for pickup with quantity. The City will also give out clear plastic leaf bags free of charge while supplies last. A limit of 5 bags per week per property may be picked up at our Recycling Center or City Hall, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Bags will be available after October 1. 

Please understand our Leaf Machines are unable to start collecting until our paving has been completed. Leaves may be placed curbside for pickup with our crews and machines according to the Tentative Schedule that is posted below.  Please note that this schedule may be altered for unforeseen circumstances including equipment malfunction, inclement weather, etc.  We will continue to collect leaves as far into the season as possible until our trucks must be changed over and prepared for snow.

*Important Note: The City’s machinery will be damaged by sticks, branches, grass clippings, and stones.

SCHEDULE BEGINNING MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6:  This schedule is tentative and city crews may work in multiple wards on any given day based upon need. Therefore, the DPW Highway Bureau will not pick up any piles containing these materials.  

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we endeavor to keep Easton's streets as clean as possible.

2023 Leaf Collection Schedule