Where do I recycle other items?
  • Books can be recycled at the Quadrant Book Mart at 20 N 3rd Street in Easton (Restrictions apply - call and speak to Jo at 610-252-1188
  • Bubble Wrap and Styrofoam Peanuts can be recycled at Pak-Mail at the Towne Center Shopping Center, 1700 Sullivan Trail, Easton
  • Paper can be recycled at MS Reilly at 934 Bushkill Drive, Easton
  • Scrap Metal can be recycled at Easton Iron and Metal at 1100 Bushkill Drive, Easton
  • Clothes Hangers can be recycled at Al's Cleaners at 1134 Northampton Street, Easton
  • Automotive Oil can be recycled A'Herns Automotive located at 907 Spring Garden Street, Easton
  • Batteries Any lead acid type batteries (Car, truck, computer, etc) can be recycled at Interstate Battery located at 4568 Mountainview Drive, Walnutport. Most Auto Parts stores will take car and truck batteries
  • Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at Home Depot or Giant Markets

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