What should I do if garbage and debris is piling up on the lot or yard next door?

All buildings, lots, or premises must be kept free from any condition conducive to rodents, insects and other vermin. No person shall allow the accumulation of water, garbage, building material, brush, or other material that may attract rodents, insects, or other vermin. Call Codes at 610-250-6724 or the Bureau of Health at 610-250-6729. The City further monitors habitation of properties through the following: Moving Permit which must be secured from the Finance Department and Rental Property Tenant Form which must be provided and updated by the owner for use by the Rental Licensing Officer. Every owner who rents to any other person or entity must file each name and address with the Rental Licensing Officer at 610-250-2060. Call the Finance Department at 610-250-6614.

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