Zoning and SALDO Amendment Updates

Zoning and SALDO

On June 10th, City Council held a public hearing to hear and introduce the proposed amendments to City Code Chapter 520 - Subdivision and Land Development, and Chapter 595 - Zoning.  When the ordinances were introduced, an amendment was made to the ordinances at the time of introduction as follows:

Chapter 520: Added a definition for NAVD 88, and inserted the requirement to use NAVD 88 datum in 520-35.B(1) and 520-35.B(10).  The effect of this change is to require all submissions to utilize the same datum for uniformity.

Chapter 595: Removed "F8 Warehouse and Storage" use from the River Corridor and Other Green Spaces Zoning District.  Section 595-17.C.24 is now "F10 Cottage Industry" which was previously 595-17.C.25.  The effect of this change is to revert the status of the F8 Warehouse and Storage use from Special Exception to not permitted, as currently exists in this chapter.

The current version of the proposed ordinances are available through the links below.