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City of Easton

Finance - City Utilities

The City of Easton provides sewer and garbage services to its citizens and businesses. These services are provided by the City of Easton's Department of Public Works. Non financial questions or concerns about these services should be directed to that department.
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The utility billing office administers all financial matters relating to sewer and garbage services. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm (excluding holidays). Our customer service specialists are located on the second floor of City Hall.

Utility Billing Office
City of Easton
123 South Third Street
2nd Floor
Easton, PA 18042

All transfers of property within the City of Easton require new property owners to sign up in person for utility services at the address above.

All bills related to sewer and garbage services may be paid in person, via mail, or via automatic electronic transfer (ACH) from your bank account.

Please click HERE and you will be taken to our online payment center, or if you need assistance, please call 610 250 6684. The City of Easton currently accepts cash, check, or money orders for payment of all charges.

Sewer Usage Rates and Billing Cycle

Sewer usage is based on the amount of water used by a parcel as measured by the Easton Suburban Water Authority (ESWA).

Sewer rates depend on the type of improvement on the parcel which is using the sewer service as follows:

  • Resident usage is billed at $6.90/unit.
  • Commercial usage is billed at $7.10/unit.
  • Institutional usage is billed at $7.40/unit.

The City of Easton bills for sewer usage on a monthly basis, but receives meter read data from ESWA on a quarterly basis. Therefore, City residents receive two estimated sewer usage bills (based on historical usage patterns) followed by an actual bill which is calculated using actual usage.

Garbage Collection Rates and Billing Cycle

Garbage collection rates are based on the number of residential units on a parcel.
Each residential unit is billed at a rate of $33/month. All user fees for garbage collection are added to the property owner's monthly utility bill.

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