City of Easton Business Recovery Program

Reopening Easton

The City is dedicated to making the process for reopening the businesses in Easton as safe and efficient as possible. To that, a plan has been formulated to help guide businesses through the reopening period.
Link to the program HERE. Application deadline extended until Friday, June 12 at noon.



  1. The purpose of this plan is to assist our locally owned small businesses, especially our restaurants and retailers, to recover from the closure of their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be used by businesses throughout the city, not just in the downtown.

  2. To allow city businesses to expand their footprint during what is expected to be state-enforced social distancing requirements to deter the spread of the coronavirus.

  3. This program will be offered for Thursday through Sunday. Hours to be determined depending on the number and types of businesses that participate.

Plan Summary:

This plan will allow for the closure of streets in the City, both in the central business district and the
neighborhoods, to allow safe pedestrian access to businesses while maintaining recommended social
distancing protocols – 6 feet or more between patrons and tables in restaurants and 6 feet separation
for retailer displays.

Businesses that wish to participate in this plan must register their business and include a map and
diagram of where product racks or table/chairs will be placed.

To register your Business, complete the form below and email to


Mayor’s Business Recovery Program Outdoor Permit

Here is the Mayor Sal Panto Business Re-Opening Program Zoom meeting from June 1st :


  • Introduction to the Program
  • Legislative update from Representative Susan Wild (PA District 7)
  • Review of Mayor Panto's Program
  • Question and Answer section 

For FAQ's go HERE

Any questions about the plan or how it affects you, email