City of Easton Business Reopening Program FAQ's

  1. When does the Business Recover Program (BRP) start?  The program will begin on Friday, June 5th for any business that has provided a completed license application and all related documentation.
  2. Will the roads and parking spaces used in support of the BRP be closed 24/7?  At this time, the 200 & 300 blocks of Northampton Street are the only roads that have been identified for closure.  These blocks are intended to be closed for the foreseeable future.  Other locations currently being considered for closure include:
    1. 200 block of Ferry Street
    2. Surface parking lot on South Third St across from Pine Street Parking Deck
    3. Sixth Street form Pine St. to Northampton St.

Other locations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  1. I am concerned that I will lose business due to lack of parking and road closures.  Some customers want to park close to the business they are visiting.  Please email specific concerns regarding business impact of the program with details of the related issue to and we will do our best to provide a resolution.
  2. If a business is not intending to offer outdoor access, does it still have to submit an application and provide added insurance to open?   No, If you are only using the interior of your business you do not need apply.
  3. How do I plan for seating when I do not know where my designated area will be?  Please provide a general schematic for parking in front of your specific business, if applicable.  If this is not possible, please provide your space requirement and we will assist in identifying an appropriate location / configuration.
  4. How do we do curbside pickup if roads are closed and/or curb space is being used as expanded space for another business?  Please email specific concerns regarding business impact of the program with details of the related issue to and we will do our best to provide a resolution.
  5. If we choose not participate in the Business Recover Program, can we still keep our 15 minute pickup? We will do our best to allow these pickup spaces to remain intact.  If we are unable to do so, we will work with the affected business(es) to consider other alternatives.
  6. If we have an outdoor deck, do we still need to apply?  If a business has access to outdoor serving space and only intends to use that space, it does not need to apply for the BRP. 
  7. If the road our business is located on is closed, how will we be able to provide curbside pickup? Please email specific concerns regarding business impact of the program with details of the related issue to and we will do our best to provide a resolution.
  8. When do streets need to be cleared of tables, chairs etc?  The program guidelines require that chairs and retail displays must be out of the right of way by 10:30 p.m.
  9. I have a retail store. can I open my store?  The Governor has announced Easton (Northampton County) will progress to the yellow phase of reopening as of June 5th.  In this phase, retailers can be open to in-person business.  Please consult the Governor’s reopening plan at this link:

        and the operations guidance for businesses here:

  1. Is there a guideline addressing occupancy for retailers?  The Governor’s reopening plan calls for 50% occupancy until the green phase, when it is increased to 75%.  Also, remember to follow the related social distancing, Personal Protective Equipment and disinfecting requirements.  Please see the Governor’s plan for reopening and operations guidance documents linked below.

  1. Can I deny customers access if they do not have a mask? Yes.  This is required in the Governor’s operations guidance.  See the link above.
  2. When can we start serving in the expanded area and when is the cutoff?  When the Governor places Northampton County in the yellow which is expected on Friday June 5th.  You may begin serving that day at 4:00 p.m.  If you want to serve before 4 p.m. please email your location and hours and also put them on your application.  These will be handled on a case by case basis.   No business can serve in the public right of way without completing the BRP application and providing the necessary insurance certificate.
  3. Will I be able to allow customers into my restaurant / food service business?  In the Governor’s yellow-phase of reopening, you are only permitted to allow customers into your facility to use the restrooms and for through traffic purposes.
  4. Are their grants to assist businesses in purchasing outdoor furniture?  The Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP) is working to develop a resource to assist local business that need to acquire outdoor furniture.  For more information, please contact Kim Kmetz at
  5. Can we still apply for a BRP license if we do not currently have outdoor furniture?  Yes. also, you are free to bring furniture from inside your facility to use outdoors (within reason).
  6. Do patrons entering to use the bathroom need masks and gloves?Yes.
  7. When can we begin to operate in the expanded space?  June 5th, assuming the business has a fully approved application and the required barriers for customer safety are in place
  8. Can we use the entire sidewalk for our expanded business footprint? No, use must leave enough space for pedestrian and handicap accessibility.
  9. How will restaurants be able to sell alcohol outdoors if they do not currently possess a license allowing them to do so?  Information is forthcoming from the PLCB on this matter.  It is our understanding they will expediting approval of premises extensions to accommodate restaurants for these purposes.  Please monitor their website for updates.
  10. Should the Business Recovery Program application be submitted digitally or physically?  All applications should be sent electronically, where possible.  Please submit all applications to