Other Taxes

The City of Easton administers all taxes levied by the City of Easton's Codified Ordinances. All taxes are levied in accordance with the City of Easton Charter, State of Pennsylvania Third Class City Code, and Act 511, the Local Tax Enabling Act.

Taxes include real estate taxes, per capita taxes, earned income taxes, local services tax, real estate transfer tax, admissions tax, mechanical/amusement devices tax, and business privilege tax and license fees.

Real Estate Tax

  •   March 7, 2021 – discount period w/ 2% discount

    •  May 7, 2021 – base period paid @ 100% of amount

    •  After May 7, 2021 – penalty period with full amount plus 10% penalty

    •  Installment payments – under Act 511, City accepts installments with 25% paid by the close of discount period. Payments due by 5/7/21, 7/7/21 and 9/7/21

    •  Unpaid Taxes - after 12/31, unpaid accounts sent to collections, where additional fees and interest will be assessed.

The City of Easton taxes all real property within the City of Easton at a rate of 24.95 mils of the assessed value as determined by the Northampton County Assessors Office.

Please click here for more information on property taxes.

Per Capita Tax

The City of Easton levies a residence tax and a per capita tax on all City of Easton residents, or $10 and $5, respectively. As such, the total tax liability for all City of Easton residents is $15. The City offers a 2% discount for early payment, and requires a 10% penalty for late payments. If you do not receive an annual form in the mail, please contact Berkheimer at 610-588-0965. A deferral form can be found here for city residents earning less than $12,000 a year. 

Earned Income Tax

Mayor Sal Panto, Jr. has issued an Emergency Declaration that extends the deadline for filing city income taxes until May 17, 2021 to coincide with the extended federal and state income tax deadlines.

The City of Easton collects an earned income tax of 1.45% on all earned income of City residents and persons who work in the City and do not pay the tax to another municipality. The Easton Area School District also collects 0.5% for a total earned income tax of 1.95%.

If you work in the State of Pennsylvania, the earned income tax should be withheld from your pay check. Therefore, if your employer either does not withhold for this tax or does not withhold the proper amount, it is your obligation to contact your employer's payroll department, so a correction can be made.

All residents who do not have their earned income tax withheld from their pay check or have the tax under withheld are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments. Additionally, self-employed individuals are also required to make estimated tax payments. Tax payments and other questions should be directed to the City's tax administrator, Keystone Collections Group, at 1-866-539-1100.

All residents are required to file an earned income tax return annually. The return must be filed by April 15th of each year for the prior years taxes. All returns and other questions about 2011 taxes should be directed to the City's prior tax administrator, Berkheimer Tax Administrator, at (866) 701-7206.

For 2016, all returns and questions should be directed to Keystone Collections Group. Their Toll Free Taxpayer Help Line number is 1-866-539-1100.

Employers with questions about their obligations about Earned Income Tax Witholding can contact Keystone's Employer Help Line at 1-888-328-0558

All Taxpayers and employers can find helpfull information at Keystone's Website. Here are additional links for Taxpayer Forms or Employer Forms.

Local Services Tax

The City of Easton collects a tax of $52 ($1 per week) on each person who is employed or self-employed within the corporate boundaries of the City of Easton. The tax is collected as a payroll tax. If you work for more than one employer, it is your responsibility to show your pay stub to the other employers, so that they do not withhold the tax a second time. If you have had the tax withheld more than once, you will need to file a refund request with Berkheimer Associates at (800) 360-8989. 

Admissions Tax

An admissions tax of 5% is due on a quarterly basis for all admission fees collected in the City of Easton. This tax is collected from all venues and includes non-profit entities as well as night clubs that charge a cover charge for entry. In addition to the tax, a $50 permit is required for year round establishments, and a $25 permit for temporary venues. All questions on the Admissions Tax should be directed to the City of Easton's revenue agents at (610) 250-6755.

Mechanical/Amusement Devices Tax

All mechanical devices that operate by coin or other monetary exchange and amusement devices are subject to a tax. All questions on the Mechanical/Amusement Devices Tax should be directed to the City of Easton's revenue agents at (610) 250-6755.

Click here to view our Tax Rate for Devices Schedule.

Business Licenses and Business Taxes

The City of Easton requires all businesses located in or doing business within the corporate limits of the City of Easton to have a Business License. Licenses are for the calendar year and must be obtained before transacting business. Business licenses must be renewed each year. Renewals are due by February 28.

Quarterly Business Privilege Tax filings (for business with gross revenues of >$2M annually):

  • 1st installment -  4/30/21 
  • 2nd installment - 7/31/21
  • 3rd installment -  10/31/21
  • 4th installment - 1/31/22

Businesses must file a tax return on their gross receipts for the previous year by April 15 for calendar year filers or 105 days after the end of their fiscal year for other fiscal years. The City periodically audits businesses to check accuracy and compliance with the business tax laws.