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Current Projects :

Update 02/02/2020

  • Verizon 5G roll-out Mainstreet business district.  Plans under review.
  • EastonAlert - Our new  Mass Notificaiton System. Launching February 2020.
  • Reviewing Utility Billing process and possible upgrades for 2020 including IVR (integrated voice) payments
  • Security continues to be a large project for Cities in general. We are upgrading security systems, Pine St and Hugh Moore Park.
  • Upgrading Police City wide surveillance. Wireless/Cellular study will start mid Fiebruary to assess locations and determine best use.
  • Migration to Office 365 migration of emails and office products underway
  • VOIP. Soon our Voice Over IP phone system migration will be complete and we will have a new advanced phone system.
  • Our Codes and Public Works departments are now using tablets in the field with live data access. These devices are allowing immediate data input and data retrieveal to help our field crews document as work is performed.

Our department is participating with the School Districts of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton to work on a plan to assist placing Internet service in homes where school aged children are located. The school districts have distributed tablets to students and access to the Internet has been an issue. This group has been formed to come up with a plan to help rectify this problem. As well as the City and School District's local  Universities have also joined in with this group.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Frank Caruso Information Technology Manager (610) 250-6684
Dustin Kollmorgen IT Specialist (610) 250-6577