City Hall

Mayor Salvatore J. Panto, Jr.

1984 - 1992; 2008 - Present

Mayor Salvatore J. Panto, Jr.Mayor Sal Panto is beginning his fourth consecutive term in office winning the November 2019 election with 82% of the votes. He also served two terms as Mayor from 1984-1992. He is recognized as a highly effective governmental leader and is credited with making Easton a cleaner and safer city in both its neighborhoods and its historic downtown.

Mayor Panto is credited with bringing fiscal stability to the city. In 2008 the city was on the verge of filing for Act 47 and had already entered into the Early Intervention Plan. But at a time when the nation was experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression, Mayor Panto and his team have had twelve straight years with no increase in real estate taxes and a year-end surplus all eleven years. His financial management has earned the city an increase in its Standard and Poor’s rating from a BBB to an A–. Read More...