ALERT: Lifeguard shortage could prevent pools from opening this summer

lifeguard at pool

Attention Easton residents: PLEASE READ! For the last several weeks we've been posting about the current lifeguard shortage that could prevent us from opening the city's two pools this summer.

If we aren't able to hire and train enough lifeguards in the next few weeks to safely open the pools, one of two things could happen:

1. We can only open one pool at a time on alternating days of the week.

2. We are unable to open either pool for the entire season.

The lifeguard shortage issue is not unique to Easton. Local news stories have been done about this shortage throughout the Lehigh Valley for both public and private pools. Other areas are also having trouble hiring pat-time and seasonal employees, including retail and restaurants.

PLEASE - if you know someone looking for summertime work, let them know about this opportunity and tell them to contact the YMCA Of Easton, Phillipsburg and Vicinity - PA - the city's contracted pool management partner. They are offering a competitive $12 an hour rate for both outdoor pools. FYI