Getting Back to Basics with City of Easton residential recycling

City of Easton residential recycling

When it comes to household recycling, we really need to get "Back to Basics." Why? The recycling industry has changed significantly over the past several years. Due to new standards that have been imposed by the markets that accept our recyclable materials, quality is now much more important than quantity. Even small amounts of ineligible materials mixed in with your recycling can result in significant additional cost due to handling and landfill disposal.  

We appreciate that residents who recycle are well-intentioned, but we need your help to reduce contamination ASAP! It starts by paying close attention to what you are recycling. It is preferred for residents to focus on recycling the basics:

  • clean (rinsed) plastics #1 and #2
  • aluminum cans
  • glass beverage bottles
  • (dry) corrugated cardboard

Please refer to this graphic of the City’s recent recycling mailer for guidance on what to and what not to recycle. In the coming months the City of Easton will be sharing additional guidance and reminders in our "Back to Basics" recycling messages in this monthly enewsletter, on our web site, and on our three social media channels.