Parking Garages

There are three parking garages located in the City of Easton: the Pine Street Garage, the Fourth (4th) Street Garage, and the Third (3rd) Street Garage.


  • All garages are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
  • Payment is required 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • The payment system in the Pine Street & Third Street garages is similar to how you would pay to park at a meter: you park in the space, go to the kiosk next to the elevator or use the ParkMobile app on your phone, enter your license plate number, provide a payment method, and then go on your way. You must pay immediately after parking, BEFORE walking out of the garage. You can also use the ParkMobile app to pay to park in these two garages. You will need to know your car's license plate number when you pay at the kiosk.
  • At the Fourth Street Garage you can pay to park at a meter (short-term parking on ground floor only), or at a kiosk by the elevator or at the exit gate for long-term (hourly) parking on the upper floors.
  • Payment kiosks are located on each floor of the garages next to the elevators.
  • When parking, make sure that your car's license plate faces the drive aisle.

If you have questions about monthly passes or availability, please send an email to 

The Pine Street Parking Garage is conveniently located one block south of Centre Square. It is behind The Crayola Experience and the Alpha Building on South Third Street. Enter the Pine Street Garage by using either the Ferry Street or Pine Street entrances.
Parking Rates: $3 per hour (5 am - 5 pm); 50 cents an hour (5 pm - 5 am)
The height clearance is 6’9”.

The South Third Street Parking Garage (Intermodal Garage) is located two blocks south of Centre Square, behind City Hall at 123 South Third Street. The garage is located above the Fred A. Williams Easton Intermodal Transportation Center. The only entrance to the garage is from South Third Street, just past city hall. 
Parking Rates: $2 per hour (5 am - 5 pm); 50 cents an hour (5 pm - 5 am)
The height clearance is 7’2”.

The Fourth Street Garage is located on N. 4th Street behind the Easton Public Market. 
As of 5/5/23 the garage's ground floor only is open for short-term metered parking with a two-hour time limit.
Meters accept credit card payments and quarters only (no other coins). If using a credit card, be sure to insert the card with the magnetic stripe facing up, not down. DO NOT insert the card chip first as the smartheads do not use the chip to process payment. 
NOTE: The ParkMobile app is not used in this garage.
Height clearance ground level entrance: 13'6".
Height clearance upper levels entrance: 7'6".