Graffiti Program

Captain Mike Vangelo and Chief Larry Palmer paint a garage on the City’s SouthsideThe Easton Police Department encourages residents to report all crimes as soon as possible utilizing the county dispatch system. In an emergency situation 911 should be utilized. The non emergency number of 610-759-2200 should be utilized to report nuisances, crimes not in progress, vandalism, including graffiti and other minor offenses. 

When property owners and businesses discover graffiti they should notify the police at the non emergency number. A police officer will respond and will document the vandalism on an Easton Police Incident Report. The incident report will then be forwarded to our Volunteers in Police Services. As soon as available, the volunteers will respond and photograph the graffiti. The property owners will then be encouraged to remove the graffiti.

If for any reason the property owner is unable to remove the graffiti they should notify the volunteers, contact the Easton Police Department Captain of Field Services at 610-250-6631 or email the Police Department and arrangements will be made for the city to assist with the removal. The property owner will be required to sign a liability release form releasing the city from all claims, suits, actions, damages and causes of actions which may arise as a direct or indirect result of the actions undertaken by the city to remove the graffiti. Any questions or comments regarding the above procedure can be directed to Captain Crisafulli at 610-250-6631