Real Estate Tax

The City of Easton taxes all real property within the City of Easton at a rate of 24.95 mills of the assessed value as determined by the Northampton County Assessors Office.

The City of Easton mails real estate tax bills in early January. All property owners are responsible for paying these taxes, regardless of whether the bill was received. If you have not received your tax bill by the end of January, please contact the Department of Finance at 610-250-6754 to request a copy.

Act 511, the Local Tax Enabling Act, requires the City of Easton to offer payment options to all citizens:

  1. Full Payment During the Discount Period - all real estate taxes paid before the close of the discount period will be collected at 98% of the amount due, providing the taxpayer with a 2% discount. The discount period ends on March 7th of each year (or the first business day following the 7th)
  2. Full Payment During the Base Period - all real estate taxes paid before the close of the base period will be collected at 100% of the amount due. The base period ends on May 7th of each year (or the first business day following the 7th)
  3. Full Payment During the Penalty Period - all real estate taxes paid after the close of the base period will be collected at 110% of the amount due, requiring the taxpayer to pay a 10% penalty for late payment
  4. Installment Payments - the City of Easton accepts installment payments of taxes in accordance with Act 511. In order to pay your taxes in installments, one-quarter of the total tax must be paid by the close of the discount period in March. Three additional payments will each be due by the 7th day of May, July, and September
  5. Unpaid Taxes - real estate taxes that remain unpaid after December 31st will be sent to collections, where additional fees and interest will be assessed. All delinquent taxes will be collected by the City of Easton's delinquent tax collector, Portnoff Law Associates. If you believe that you owe taxes for a prior tax year, please call Portnoff immediately to resolve your delinquency. They can be reached at 800-211-9466 or 484-690-9306

Please note that the County of Northampton and the Easton Area School District also levy real estate taxes on real property in the City of Easton. All questions regarding those taxes should be directed to either the County at 610-559-3000 or Berkheimer Tax Administrator (who collects for the school district) at 866-300-1714.

Attention: Please Read If Your Mortgage Company Pays Your Taxes

All taxpayers are responsible for the payment of their property taxes even if their mortgage company escrows for the payment of real estate taxes.

Because Pennsylvania is a "homeowner" state, the City of Easton is required to mail tax bills to all property owners. The City of Easton does not mail tax bills to mortgage companies. Therefore, it is the homeowner's obligation to forward the tax bill to their mortgage company.

Please contact your mortgage company for more details. If your mortgage company fails to pay all or a portion of your property taxes, you will be responsible for any underpayments, including penalties, fees, and interest.