Community & Economic Development

View of Easton

About Easton

Located within the third largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in Pennsylvania (the Lehigh Valley), at the convergence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers, and just over the border from New Jersey, the City of Easton is a prime destination for growing or establishing your business. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the region, the opportunities that our community presents for you as a resident, an innovative developer, or an inspired entrepreneur are limitless. Whether it's our thriving downtown, our rich history, or our engaging culture, our City is a gateway unlike any other.

In addition to the dynamic quality of the place, Easton's location is also unparalleled in the Commonwealth. With easy access to two major federal highways, Interstate 78 and Route 22, Lehigh Valley International Airport, a downtown intermodal facility, and miles of nationally recognized walking and biking trails, traveling within and beyond the City is streamlined. Furthermore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston markets are within a day's drive. The City offers an agile, motivated, and dedicated local government that is ready to assist you in all aspects of starting, locating, and growing your business in our community.

About the Department

The Department has been established to increase prosperity within the City for all of our residents and to provide investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs with support that will enhance their ability to succeed. Through astute management of our resources, technical and otherwise, and the leveraging of local, state, and federal partnerships, we will promote investment that builds upon our community and economic assets while improving our quality of life and place.

Among many other services, our Department, directly and through our strategic partners, can assist with the following:

Economic Development Resources

  • Access to capital
  • Business technical support
  • Regulatory process compliance
  • Site selection for businesses/investors
  • Workforce development

Community Development Resources

  • Access to regional, state, and federal funding
  • Affordable housing development
  • Home rehabilitation