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The City of Easton's Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) understands the complexities and challenges in growing a business, whether you're new to City or if you've been here for years. Along with the challenges that come with starting a new venture, unique opportunities can also present and Easton is the perfect place, and possesses the ideal business environment, to capitalize on those possibilities. With a close cohort of nonprofit and private sector partners, including the Easton Business Association, Lafayette College, the Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP), the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Northampton County, DCED is capable of helping flourishing businesses take advantage of incentives both at inception and throughout the operation.

Opportunity Zones

The Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included a significant tax incentive to encourage private investment in certain targeted census tracts throughout the Country. QOZs, or Qualified Opportunity Zones, are qualified census tracts designated by the Governor of each state. Taxpayers with capital gains can invest those gains into equity funds that put the money to work in businesses in these designated areas of often high poverty and low income. In exchange, the taxpayer receives deferred - or in some cases complete forgiveness - of the federal taxes due on any gains that said investment produces. Program guidance, to date, has been extremely flexible and funds can be set up easily where investments can be self-certified by taxpayers.

For more information, please visit PA DCED's dedicated page on QOZs.


Easton participates in the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance program, or LERTA, which is a 10-year, tax deferral program. LERTA creates a graduated increase in tax payments on new construction as well as property rehabilitation for owners of commercial, industrial, and business properties located within designated zones in the City, including the Opportunity Zone. LERTA does require that property owners pay full land taxes, while taxes on improvements to the land grow incrementally over 10 years.

Download the LERTA Application (PDF)

Support From PA-DCED

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through its Department of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development (DCED), also offers numerous incentive financing programs, many of which are available for projects located in the City.

For more information, please visit PA DCED's dedicated "Programs and Funding" page.

Support From Northampton County, Regionally, & Beyond

Local businesses will not only receive the commitment of the City and its Department of Community and Economic Development but also the support of our counterparts at Northampton County ("NorCo") and partners throughout the area. NorCo can similarly assist in financing, technical assistance, business planning, budgeting, and workforce development, particularly as it relates to business growth in the wider Lehigh Valley region. Additional support from outside of the area also has the potential to play a critical role in your business's development.


  • Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce; Member Benefits
  • Lehigh Valley Professionals
  • Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) - general information regarding Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ), Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ), and Tax Increment Financing
  • Northampton County Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) General Purpose Authority

Seeking business support at the County-level? The County's DCED can be reached at 610-829-6306.


PA Department of Labor and Delivery - Workforce Development


Should you need any additional assistance, or would like to discuss how your business can best operate in the City, do not hesitate to email John Kingsley, email Sean Ziller, or - as it relates to grant administration - email T. David Pinho.