Sidewalk, Curb, & Driveway Cross-Over Permit Application


  1. Provide all information requested on the application form. An additional form is required for a driveway cross-over
  2. If you plan to install a curb, you must cut the street pavement 1 to 2 feet from the face of the curb prior to excavation. A street opening permit is required for this work. If the street is concrete or has a concrete base, the curb may be face-formed. If the street is a state road, a PennDOT highway occupancy permit is also required.
  3. If there is no adjacent curb to provide line and grade, you must also pay a fee for line and grade (also called a "warrant of survey"). One of the engineering staff will provide a field layout and a sketch for the curb line and grade, if needed, and will notify you when ready.
  4. Contractors and employers must provide a certificate of insurance showing limits of liability and workmen's compensation insurance. If homeowners and others are exempt from this requirement, an exemption form must be completed.
  5. You will be provided with a copy of the construction standards.
  6. Pay the fee at the Finance Office on the second floor of City Hall. Give the cashier all copies of the permit or payment receipt form. You will receive one stamped "paid" copy.
  7. Notifications
  • Call the Engineering Bureau for inspection of the stone and expansion material and thicknesses at least 24 hours prior to placing concrete 610-250-6771.
  • If you need temporary "No Parking" signs, contact the police Traffic Officer at least 3 days in advance at 610-250-5017.
  • Call the PA One-Call system prior to excavation at 800-242-1776 so that utility locations can be marked and identified.
  • If utility valve boxes must be adjusted to meet the new sidewalk grade, contact Easton Suburban Water Authority at 610-258-7181 for water valves and UGI for gas valves.
  • If parking meters, street signs, or traffic signs must be removed, contact the police Traffic Officer.
  • For temporary stop signs, contact the Police Traffic Officer.
  • To have meters and signs installed when sidewalk work is completed, contact the police Traffic Officer.
  • Normal work hours for City Hall employees are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Provide a passable route for pedestrians or place "Sidewalk Closed" signs.

Revised August 5, 2021

Sewer Connections Permit

House Service Sewer Connections Construction Standards

Important Note: A plumbing permit application must first be completed through the Codes Office 610-250-6724. The water usage must be provided on the application for any building other than a single-family dwelling.

  1. Description
    A service sewer is a branch extending from the main sanitary sewer line to an individual house or building.
  2. Materials
    • Concrete must be lined where subject to corrosion
    • Iron and steel must be lined with cement or bituminous enamel and coated (outside) with asphalt varnish. These should not be used where acids or corrosive soils are present.
    • Plastic must meet ASTM, D 3034, and SDR 35 standards.
    • Vitrified clay
  3. Size
    Within the street or easement, the minimum pipe diameter shall be 6 inches and shall not exceed main diameter
  4. Connections to Main
    Connections to the main shall be at an existing wye or tee. If none exists, a hole shall be core drilled or sawed, and a gasketed wye saddle shall be attached. The saddle shall be sized to fit both the main and lateral, See attachments 1, 2, and 3 for connection procedures, and attachment 5 for configuration.
  5. Pipe Laying
    • Maintain a minimum grade of 1/8 inch per foot
    • Maintain a straight line and uniform grade between fittings.
    • Maximum deflection at any fitting or any two adjacent fittings shall not exceed 45 degrees (1/8 bend) unless a straight pipe at least 2 1/2 feet is installed between fittings, or unless one of the fittings is a wye branch with a clean-out on the straight leg.
    • Pipe connections shall be per an approved method. See attachment 4.
    • The pipe shall be kept free of water, dirt, and foreign matter.
    • Where houses are set back from the main at a distance of 50 feet or more, a clean-out shall be provided at the edge of the right-of-way.
  6. Trench Excavation and Back-fill
    See attachment 5.
  7. Inspection
    No service pipe shall be buried until it has been inspected and approved by one of the Engineering Bureau staff.
    • Sewer Connection Permit Application

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