Nesquehoning St. Park Cemetery Project

Nesquehoning St. Park Cemetery Project

The City of Easton, in conjunction with residents and other community stakeholders, is actively seeking input from the public on the forgotten African American Cemetery that was discovered on the City’s south side at Nesquehoning Park. This important effort is intended to solicit public input on the future of the park as a memorial, as well as to help locate living descendants of those who are interred there.

The cemetery was discovered during a public input session about the future of the park when a neighbor remarked that he had heard a rumor that the site was once a cemetery. Upon learning this, the City’s consultant did some research and confirmed that the information was accurate. 

Go here to read the preliminary report and findings of the consultant. Since the time that the report was created, the site has been characterized by ground penetrating radar, which confirmed likely burials, and there is now an active working group consisting of various community stakeholders conducting deed and genealogical research. It is the goal of the group to continue researching the site through the remainder of 2023 and then begin to formulate a plan for the future of the site in early 2024.

We invite you to submit any thoughts, comments, and/or suggestion through the project email address: CemProject.

Thank you for your participation in this important effort.